A ratty stuffed animal missing an ear. A torn photograph, faded beyond recognition. A smashed model car.

A memory of what once was.

But when that’s gone? When the world is new, and changed, and frightening? When all those memories and the comforts of home have been abandoned for a life of fighting to survive each day? What remains when our old lives have been emptied of us?

Apocalypse Rooms gives you a glimpse into the abandoned rooms of post-apocalyptic homes, describing in great detail every little thing, from the beds and dressers to the jewellery and gum wrappers. These rooms have been abandoned for ages, but through the little details, you might still be able to gain an understand of who these people were, how they lived their lives…and maybe what became of them when the world was plunged into chaos.

Click the link “Apocalypse Rooms” in the upper right-hand corner of the page to begin reading.

Apocalypse Rooms does not follow any particular apocalypse scenario. This is for the reader to infer or imagine on their own. We provide visual descriptions; it is up to you to determine whether these people were driven away by an encroaching horde of zombies, an impending meteor strike, a nuclear war, or something else entirely. Some stories may hint at how the world ended, but that is entirely up to the reader.

Apocalypse Rooms will not tell you whose room you are viewing. We will not give you their name, nor their description, nor even something as simple as “a teenage girl” or “an elderly man”. We provide only the facts, the visuals of what is in their room. You can easily figure out details of the character on your own.


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